Friday, September 11, 2009

Our Love Story! Chapter 1

Hello Blog and Wedding World,

It's time to blog these days of bliss, love, and decisions in hopes of sharing this time with the ones we love. Paige and I are loving every second of this time and quickly learning that making decisions for others is a whole lot easier than making decisions for ourselves. As for now we have a location! Southcoast Winery in Temecula is where we will start this life together and it is where i proposed to my lovely fiance! That is where we will become one and share in what we hope is a FUN! night with all of our friends and family. This hasn't really set in yet, i know Paige and i will have momentary realizations of what that day will have in store for us but as of right now it seems too far off to understand. (yes we know all of you married people that "it will be here before we know it") haha but we will enjoy our naivety for now! 

What's next for us is our engagement party next weekend! it should be a really fun party with a live singer, classic diet coke bottles, and great catered food! (also for any guy who reads this, the party is on the same night as the big mayweather boxing fight.. so somehow i am going to have to try and convince Paige to let us put it on during the party.."ahh married life") haha. we are going to try and  update our blog as much as possible so check in and share this journey with us! 

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and to God for this life! 

God Bless
Robby & Paige (but mostly Robby on this one!) i will probably get busted for that.

9.11.01 Never Forget.  

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  1. I love chapter 1. I love all the chapters that were part of the preface. And I'm excited to be a part of this novel with two of my favorite people. Robby, great job starting out this wonderful blog. Paige, get cracking---everyone wants updates and pictures from the proposal, Robby's graduation, lake weekend, Vegas, asking your girls, etc...