Thursday, February 11, 2010

Robby's Bachelor Party!

Hello Wedding Blog World,

My bachelor party was a success! All i wanted was a low key guys weekend in Vegas (many people thought this wasn't possible!) and my wish came true. My brother organized the whole thing, gave it the title "Robby's Pretty Pretty Princess Party", and made sure that the weekend was everything i hoped for. We won 6 free tickets to the UFC fight on saturday night, worked out (i said low key!), and had a great time! Thanks to my buddies who came and supported me and thank you to my lovely fiance for the treats she made for me with help from claire and thank you to brother Bill for taking care of everything! Here a few pictures..

"...this better be the only lingerie you see..."

I love my friends! I love my life! I love Paige!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Engagement Pictures!!

We got our engagement pictures back!!!

We are thrilled!! I absolutely love them. We had an amazing day shooting them. It was so fun to just play with Robby and have pictures taken. Kelsie Pinkerton of Pinkerton Photography came all the way from Arizona for this special day. My sweet friend, Amy Reid, came with me too. She calmed my nerves and helped with everything I needed.

Amy just wrote the most honoring blog about Robby and I!! Her blog is adorable and all about married life. . Read it and you will fall in love with her too. She has been such a sweet friend and bridesmaid. She just hosted a bridesmaid’s tea for me! That will be my next post. I could not imagine a more selfless, fun spirited friend.

I also have to thank my beautiful sister. She has been giving me bridal cards, supporting me, loving me and sharing in my excitement. This time could not be so amazing without her. I need her every step of the way.

This is the link to the slideshow. There is a play button on the bottom left of the pictures. Kelsie picked the perfect song.

Below are a few (or more than a few) of my favorites!

I just LOVE him!

Now back to my world of save the dates, invitations, bridemaid’s shoes, and table linens…

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's an Engaged Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Robby and I both had amazing Christmas'! We each got to spend alot of time with our families. We went our separate ways so we wouldn't miss any of our family traditions. Next year is so hard to imagine! Very exciting though. I made Robby a shutterfly book. I am going to make one every year to celebrate all of the wonderful moments that year held. I am a little obsessed with shutterfly. Its perfect. I also got a very special gift from Robby's family.... A RED KITCHENAID MIXER!!! yes, THAT kind. The kind that makes me a wife. It means I am getting married. I am so excited to have it.

I even got to buy christmas decorations for our home next year! what a wonderful merry christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Engagement Pictures

Hello Christmas and Wedding Chaos!

Last Sunday, December 20, we took our engagement pictures! It was so much fun!! We went to 3 locations. Robby was incredibly patient throughout the whole process. Our amazing photographer, Kelsie, flew in from Arizona. Robby started the day off right bringing her starbucks and snacks. My mom was so kind as she helped me get ready and Amy spent the day driving me around and making sure I had everything I needed. It was such a perfect day. I am just DYING to see them. Just one!! I will post them as soon as we get them. i can't wait!!!

It's our engaged christmas season. It has been so fun. We have looked at lots of christmas lights, planned what we want for next year, went to a christmas party at the Reid's house, had a cookie day, made christmas ornaments with our little 2-year olds class, tonight we are going to the candelight service at church, last weekend we went to a christmas wedding. it has been amazing. it is crazy to think that next year it will be ours. Our plans, our timing, our christmas decorations, our traditions. I am so excited. Merry Christmas!!! Engagement pictures- please come soon!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Engagement Party!

Well, I am a little late (the party was September 19)…right now we are celebrating the wonderful Christmas season, but I am working on catching us up!

The Dow family blessed us with the most amazing night! I don’t know if I have ever felt so loved. It was perfect. Robby’s aunt, cousin and mom made BEAUTIFUL white flower arrangements. There was a musician playing the piano and singing Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble –type songs. Delicious food was tray passed. Robby even got old fashioned diet cokes in bottles. I never could have imagined an evening like this. It makes me tear up remembering how many friends and family came. We were surrounded with love and support. All of my extended family, roommates, and high school cheerleaders in addition to Robby's extended family, friends, and their families. It was the best way to celebrate our love. I spent the whole night with my handsome fiancĂ© at my side. I got to wear a gorgeous red dress (if I may say). It was a beautiful September night. I have never felt so loved. Here are a few pictures: ( I really want to get better at taking more pictures!)

All Dolled Up!

The Dow's Gorgeous Backyard

Stunning Bridesmaids

High School Cheer friends

My sweet roommates came!

Fun, gorgeous, cute, sweet, fun wedding cards that I have dreamed about receiving for years!

Lots more Wedding Bliss to come!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A glimpse into our love story…

So much has happened since we last wrote! My new idea is to write shorter entries more often. There are too many updates to put in one message. We have been unbelievably busy. Between work, church, meeting with vendors, and life we hardly have a chance to breathe. Being engaged is magical though. It’s the best kind of busy. I have been dress shopping, chosen flowers, had a bridesmaids day, picked our dj, Robby got my engagement ring engraved, planned our honeymoon, looked through a million wedding magazines and spent hours on TheKnot. I am so thankful I am doing this with Robby. He is the most supportive and helpful groom. He listens to all my ideas. He helps me contact vendors and boy can he get a good deal! Our engagement pictures are in two weeks! We have been looking for locations in Laguna Beach. I am so excited to have professional pictures of us playing! Our wedding announcement was in the LA Times on Sunday. This whole thing is so surreal. We joined a Sunday School class for engaged and newlywed couples. I think we will learn a lot about each other and how to have a Christ-centered marriage. I am praying that we will get to know other couples at our stage of life that share a similar frame of mind. Having that community is so important! Robby and I are teaching the 2-year old church group on Wednesday nights. We are so busy and scattered, but being engaged makes it worth it. This time is filled with a sweet peace that I am marrying my favorite person in the world. We get to do all these fun wedding activities and then at the end we get to be married! It’s an amazing journey that will last forever.

More details and pictures to come…..

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hello Blog Friends!

Paige and I really need to get better at this blogging. We have lots of updates but i am here to only talk about one big one! We have decided where we are going for our honeymoon!

I just saw this and Robby never finished it. hmmmm....