Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wedding Bliss

I think that every post could be titled "Wedding Bliss." We have chosen our fabulous location, pretty much chosen colors, found a florist we love, an extremely talented photographer, bridesmaids, we chose our first dance song (Robby may or may not be aware we chose our first dance song- let me know Rob.) I am not sure if the first dance song is a surprise for the guests, if it's not then I want to write about why we chose the song we did. I have some creative dance ideas and little details. I am using my beautiful, teal Mindy Weiss wedding planner. My room has been taken over by wedding glory. Everything from engagement cards to magazine clippings to my bride-to-be panties to letters from Robby are thoroughly displayed. I could not be more excited.

One fun bridal event that I got to do with my mom, my sister, Amy and Michelle was go to the bridal bar in Beverly Hills. We made a fun little day out of it. We ate outside at The Ivy, no celebrities where sited, but that's more Robby's interest anyway. Then, we went to this cute little shop called the Bridal Bar. They promise cake tastings and champagne upon arrival. Then, they flood you with pictures and videos and samples to help determine your wedding tastes. I am not sure that it was helpful, but it was certainly fun. So fun, that I have already looked into opening my own Bridal Bar in Newport Beach. Thank you so much ladies for celebrating me and making me feel honored. Being the bride is so much fun with these girls!

love, your bride-to-be

Vegetable Salads at the Ivy

i LOVE the pink ribbons and flowers

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