Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Lovely Ladies

On Sunday, September 13 I successfully tricked eight of my closest, sweetest friends into being my bridesmaids! It was so much fun for me! I have been blessed with so many amazing people that have shaped, supported, and encouraged me through this life. I am honored to have eight gorgeous women standing up for me as I commit to being Robby’s wife. It’s so exciting to taking this next step in life and I couldn’t do it without the love of these girls. I have been planning this for years so I could not have been more excited. I asked each girl individually to meet me at Cedar Creek Inn in Brea. Thankfully, they all said yes! To their surprise when they arrived it wasn’t just a lunch for two. I had the patio decorated with a banner asking them to be my bridesmaids, a bridesmaids cookie, tank top, picture and a letter expressing my gratitude for their impact in my life. We ate appetizers, enjoyed the sun, and wedding talk. I had the best time setting it up! My family and Robby all helped and made it incredibly fun. Claire, my sweet sister and best friend, is my maid of honor. Since I asked her about a month ago to do it, she has not stopped showering me with wedding love. She even started a Facebook thread for all the bridesmaids to talk before the big day. She has pulled out all the stops in finding ways to remind me that this is the time I have been most excited for, THANK YOU SISTER. I feel so loved and taken care of. Meet my lovely ladies….

My Beautiful Bridal Party...

my sweet fiance helped!

Craft time...


our cozy table

white, black, pink and lots of sparkles

the details

Beautiful Claire Wimberly- my maid of honor- she makes me laugh and will keep me calm on the big day. She is also my best friend and the person I admire most.

Stunning Amy Reid- my bridesmaid- oh dear, Amy. No one understands my love for weddings like you. Thank you for understanding that and loving me by loving my wedding. Your notes, gifts, cards, texts all mean so much and make being engaged the time of my life.

Gorgeous Michelle Feneck- my bridesmaid- Michelle is like a sister to me. we have grown up together doing absolutely everything. Vacations, cruises, pool days, and Disneyland adventures always include Michelle’s sweet heart and shocking sense of humor. (Michelle, its not shocking that you are funny, you are always so funny at the perfect times its shocking. See the difference?)

Flawless Kelly Dow- my bridesmaid and soon-to-be sister- Kelly is gorgeous, sweet and fun. She can tease Robby like nobody’s business- and that’s a quality to be admired!

Fabulous Ashley Saah- my bridesmaid- Ashley and I have been friends since we were born. We spent years and years playing with dolls then cheerleading and now getting married. How could I do this without her standing with me!

Vivacious Brittany Hillquist- my bridesmaid- Brittany is my sweet friend from junior high, high school and college. I can completely count on her friendly face and fun spirit. I know this is just one of may big life moments we will share together.

Radiant Rachel Hoffman- my bridesmaid- Rachel has the softest heart I have met. She blesses me with her thoughtful words and encouragement constantly. She lived with me as I fell in love with Robby. She knows my heart and I trust her completely.

Glowing Kimberly Shelkey- my bridesmaid- Everyone is instantly attracted to Kimi’s love for life, outgoing personality, and stunning beauty and I am no exception! living together let me see the heart of this gorgeous girl. Kimi has been nothing but excited and supportive of me and I am so thrilled to have her do this with me!

These are my eight amazing bridesmaids. I am excited for everyone to get to know each one of you. I am proud to call you my friends! You are all already being the best bridesmaids ever. Thank you for doing this with me!

Love, your very excited bride-to-be


  1. What a CUTE idea!!!!!!! WOW! Awesome!

  2. Very cute blog! I am coming over to you through Amy's blog... we quickly became blog friends when I found her blog :)

    I love how you asked your bridesmaids! Being engaged is sooo fun. Enjoy every moment! Looking forward to following your plans!