Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hello Wedding Blog World!

I am back! It's Robby! It's a perfect day for me to write this because today we are officially 300 days away to our big day! I don't like that description "big day". It is so much more than that! It's an amazing day! I know it is not "cool" of me or may be considered "gay" of me to talk like this but when a guy gets to marry a girl as beautiful and as fun Paige, I would be a fool not to be excited! My new favorite thing is to tell everyone how much i scored (not that score.. that's 300 days away too!) with paige and how truly out of my league she is! I honestly look at her with awe and love at how blessed I am. Today paige and i simulated being married by laying on the floor both pretending to be snoring to see what that is going to be like when we are married. we our rode bikes to the grocery store to pick up dessert laughing and me checking out paige's butt while she rode and we are now sitting next to each other with a computer on both of our laps doing our own stuff. Even now I can't believe how lucky I am to have this blonde and fun loving woman as my fiance!

All day today I have loved the cold air and the fall season! Paige is fighting me on it because we all know how she loves her warmth but I love the change of season! This change makes me excited for the christmas season, the new year and the excitement and joy that comes with all of that! Thank you to everyone who came to our engagement party and who have supported us and been excited for us so far!

Stay tuned for the exciting updates!!

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