Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A glimpse into our love story…

So much has happened since we last wrote! My new idea is to write shorter entries more often. There are too many updates to put in one message. We have been unbelievably busy. Between work, church, meeting with vendors, and life we hardly have a chance to breathe. Being engaged is magical though. It’s the best kind of busy. I have been dress shopping, chosen flowers, had a bridesmaids day, picked our dj, Robby got my engagement ring engraved, planned our honeymoon, looked through a million wedding magazines and spent hours on TheKnot. I am so thankful I am doing this with Robby. He is the most supportive and helpful groom. He listens to all my ideas. He helps me contact vendors and boy can he get a good deal! Our engagement pictures are in two weeks! We have been looking for locations in Laguna Beach. I am so excited to have professional pictures of us playing! Our wedding announcement was in the LA Times on Sunday. This whole thing is so surreal. We joined a Sunday School class for engaged and newlywed couples. I think we will learn a lot about each other and how to have a Christ-centered marriage. I am praying that we will get to know other couples at our stage of life that share a similar frame of mind. Having that community is so important! Robby and I are teaching the 2-year old church group on Wednesday nights. We are so busy and scattered, but being engaged makes it worth it. This time is filled with a sweet peace that I am marrying my favorite person in the world. We get to do all these fun wedding activities and then at the end we get to be married! It’s an amazing journey that will last forever.

More details and pictures to come…..

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