Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Engagement Pictures

Hello Christmas and Wedding Chaos!

Last Sunday, December 20, we took our engagement pictures! It was so much fun!! We went to 3 locations. Robby was incredibly patient throughout the whole process. Our amazing photographer, Kelsie, flew in from Arizona. Robby started the day off right bringing her starbucks and snacks. My mom was so kind as she helped me get ready and Amy spent the day driving me around and making sure I had everything I needed. It was such a perfect day. I am just DYING to see them. Just one!! I will post them as soon as we get them. i can't wait!!!

It's our engaged christmas season. It has been so fun. We have looked at lots of christmas lights, planned what we want for next year, went to a christmas party at the Reid's house, had a cookie day, made christmas ornaments with our little 2-year olds class, tonight we are going to the candelight service at church, last weekend we went to a christmas wedding. it has been amazing. it is crazy to think that next year it will be ours. Our plans, our timing, our christmas decorations, our traditions. I am so excited. Merry Christmas!!! Engagement pictures- please come soon!!


  1. Now you have to post your engagement pictures!!!

  2. hi paige! i just saw your engagement pics on amykristens blog. They are stunning! im familiar with your photographers work, i live in phoenix as well! shes great! best wishes on your upcoming wedding!