Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's an Engaged Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Robby and I both had amazing Christmas'! We each got to spend alot of time with our families. We went our separate ways so we wouldn't miss any of our family traditions. Next year is so hard to imagine! Very exciting though. I made Robby a shutterfly book. I am going to make one every year to celebrate all of the wonderful moments that year held. I am a little obsessed with shutterfly. Its perfect. I also got a very special gift from Robby's family.... A RED KITCHENAID MIXER!!! yes, THAT kind. The kind that makes me a wife. It means I am getting married. I am so excited to have it.

I even got to buy christmas decorations for our home next year! what a wonderful merry christmas!!!


  1. Look how cute you are with your mixer. If your kitchen is completely empty, except for the mixer, you'll still feel like a wifey! I'm excited to have married baking days with you!!! :)

  2. Very cute pic. I am looking forward to getting a mixer... hopefully :)