Friday, January 29, 2010

Engagement Pictures!!

We got our engagement pictures back!!!

We are thrilled!! I absolutely love them. We had an amazing day shooting them. It was so fun to just play with Robby and have pictures taken. Kelsie Pinkerton of Pinkerton Photography came all the way from Arizona for this special day. My sweet friend, Amy Reid, came with me too. She calmed my nerves and helped with everything I needed.

Amy just wrote the most honoring blog about Robby and I!! Her blog is adorable and all about married life. . Read it and you will fall in love with her too. She has been such a sweet friend and bridesmaid. She just hosted a bridesmaid’s tea for me! That will be my next post. I could not imagine a more selfless, fun spirited friend.

I also have to thank my beautiful sister. She has been giving me bridal cards, supporting me, loving me and sharing in my excitement. This time could not be so amazing without her. I need her every step of the way.

This is the link to the slideshow. There is a play button on the bottom left of the pictures. Kelsie picked the perfect song.

Below are a few (or more than a few) of my favorites!

I just LOVE him!

Now back to my world of save the dates, invitations, bridemaid’s shoes, and table linens…


  1. They came out awesome! Very cute couple! :)

  2. Love your pictures, you two make a very adorable couple!